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December 13, 2013

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Mary Had a Choice

Stained Glass Nativity

I’ve never seen an angel, though I’ve longed to.  I suspect if one came to me I’d either not recognize it or be scared to death, just like Mary was when Gabriel visited her in Nazareth over 2,000 years ago.  Luke tells us Mary felt greatly troubled and tried to figure out why an angel would come to speak with her. 

The angel Gabriel presented Mary with a life-changing proposition.  God wanted to turn her world upside down.  He had chosen her to bear His offspring.  He wanted Mary to be the mother of God.

Frightened and confused, Mary didn’t understand.  How could she get pregnant? She was a virgin. This made no sense to her.   The mother of God?  How can this be?  And yet, despite Mary’s confusion, uncertainty, and fear of the future, Mary chose surrender. She said yes to God. Without hesitating she said,  “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38).

What would have been different if Mary had told the angel “No!  I’m not ready to have a baby. What would people think of me?  I don’t’ want to lose Joseph.  I don’t’ want this grave responsibility – to raise the Son of God to adulthood? No thanks.”

Mary’s refusal would not have thwarted God’s plan.  He would chosen another young virgin who was willing and Jesus would have been born despite Mary’s no. Yet Mary would have missed her calling. She would have missed the opportunity to be a central figure in human history and God’s story.

God’s work did not end at the birth or death of Christ.  Each day He presents opportunities to you and me to say Yes to him.  He invites us to be his partner in shaping history.  To partner with him in his STORY.   These opportunities might not come through the message of an angel. Most often they come through difficult life circumstances that we find ourselves in.  But however and whenever they come, they feel just as confusing, scary and uncertain as Mary’s invitation did.

Mary didn’t know what would happened but chose to courageously face the wagging tongues and public shame of being an unmarried woman who was pregnant. She accepted the risk of being rejected by Joseph. She knew her whole future life was about to shift from what she wanted and what she planned to what God wanted.  Still, she was wiling to embrace God’s plan for her, not knowing for sure what lay ahead. 

How many times do you and I refuse to embrace what God brings us to carry?  It feels too hard, too scary, too costly.  We don’t’ want to be burdened, rejected, embarassed, inconvienced, or deprived of what we want.  We don’t want to give birth to God’s character in us if it means suffering, sacrifice, loss, or humuliation. 

God invites us to embrace the moment he brings to us, not run from it.  He invites us to partner with him, like Mary and Joseph, in His plans.  He doesn’t always let us see the big picture, He just asks us to trust Him and yield. To choose Yes!

This season I invite you to choose to say Yes to God.  Allow God to birth Christ in you so that your life is not about you or for you, but about allowing Him to use you to magnify Him.

Merry Christmas friends.

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Leslie Answers Your Questions

News! Boundaries and Consequences

Question: I am unsure how to set up boundaries and consequences with my alcoholic, pot-smoking husband. He thinks neither should be a concern of mine. He says it doesn’t affect me. When he has too much to drink, his verbal cocky language, insinuations, and controlling attitude are horrible.

He thinks nothing of drinking 6-10 beers at one time. He is bi-polar but doesn’t think it is an issue anymore. He was on lithium years ago for this.  I am so tired of this relationship with him. I want to do what God wants me to do. I know that with God He can handle this marital issue. I just need to release it totally to Him.

Please give me guidance on setting up specific boundaries and consequences. I have read your book How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong, but I need more specific advice in my particular situation.  Thank you.

Answer: In my book, How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong I introduced the idea of the Gift of Consequences as a loving gesture to help wake a spouse up to behaviors or attitudes that were affecting (or destroying) the marriage. (This particular gift of love often does not feel loving to the one receiving it at the time)

In past blogs and in my other books on destructive relationships and marriage I give many more reasons and examples how not to enable destructive behavior to continue unchallenged by mitigating or removing negative consequences from the destructive person’s life.

Specifically in your situation you need to ask yourself the question how does his behaviors affect you? For starters you indicate that when he’s drunk or high, he treats you differently.  He’s controlling, cocky and makes remarks that offend you and hurt your feelings. What would be a natural consequence for someone who treats you that way?


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Mary Had a Choice


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News! Boundaries and Consequences


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