Do You Often Wonder
“Does God Even Want Me to Be Happy?”

Do you wonder

Are you tired of being held captive by lies, negative thoughts, resentments, fear, bad moods and difficult life circumstances that are holding you back? 

Are you ready to move beyond your stuck-ness and live the free, happy life that God has given you?

Do you need help learning the practical and biblical life skills that will allow you to challenge negative thinking, get rid of destructive emotions, eliminate lies and make way for more healthy and loving relationships?

Leslie HeadshotI’ve got good news for you – God wants you to be happy.

If you are ready to make a change in your life, you'll be happy to know that there thousands of women, around the world, who are just like you, using simple Biblical principles to live without doubt, fear or negativity.

When you learn to apply these principles to your own life, the whole world opens up. You will start to feel the joy, peace and happiness that God meant for you to experience.

It is truly a life changing process - and I'm excited for you to start!

Georgia ShafferLeslie’s webinars on happiness are a must for anyone who yearns to live with meaning and purpose.  With her insights and practical tools, Leslie enables us to intentionally move from entanglements and busyness toward true happiness.

Georgia Shaffer, Board Member of the International Christian Coaching Association, Certified Life Coach, Licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania, and Author of the best-selling book Taking Out Your Emotional Trash.

Now it’s your turn to learn some of the secrets of happy and whole people, all in the privacy of your own home.

Imagine how much happier your life would be if you could:

  • Believe what God says about you - instead of the lies that are in your own head
  • Manage your negative moods so that they don’t get the best of you.
  • Learn to switch channels so that fear can be transformed into courage.
  • Understand the thought/feeling connection and have a handy tool to calm you down when you are getting impatient or frustrated or hopeless.
  • Refine your radar for identifying toxic individuals and learn how to build healthy, loving relationships with people.
  • Handle conflict without blowing up or shutting down.
  • Trust God more fully in the moment instead of being gripped by anxiety and doubt.
  • And more!

You’ve already gotten a taste of the principles of happiness and wholeness in my introductory webinar. The great news is – You don't have to tackle this alone!

You can get the step by step guidance and personalized support that you need to make the transition in your own life.

Are you ready to bring God’s wisdom into your life to produce amazing changes?
Are you ready to grow and put your new skills into practice in real life situations?
Are you ready to build habits that can change your life and restore relationships?

If so, join me for the...

“Does God Want Me to Be Happy?”
Webinar Series

In this exclusive webinar you’ll get the detailed advice and step-by-step guidance that you’re looking for.

If you sought individual counseling or coaching, the cost for this detailed level of help and guidance would be prohibitive for many of you. That's why I want to help as many people as I can to know God and learn His wisdom for living an abundant, joy-filled, loving, peaceful, hopeful life. A life full of prosperity. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about financial prosperity. I’m talking emotional, mental, relational and spiritual prosperity. We have so much to be grateful for.

It’s time to learn specifically how God tells us to get there. This webinar will reveal the Biblical promises, practices and beliefs that can fill your life with happiness and joy!

In this valuable webinar series you’ll get:

Live Training

Three (3) LIVE 45 minute in depth training sessions on featured topics
(sessions will be held at 9 PM ET)

  • February 15th - Session One:  Let’s Get Rid of Stinkin Thinkin
  • February 22nd - Session Two:  Tools to Manage your Negative Emotions
  • February 29th -  Session Three:  Building Healthy Relationships

Value: $450

Q&A Sessions

Three (3) LIVE 45 minute question and answer sessions immediately following webinar.

Value: $375

Email Questions

The opportunity to e-mail questions pertaining to the topic ahead of the seminar to be sure those questions are covered. 

Value: Priceless

Webinar Replay

Replay of each webinar to watch later on if you miss it or want to watch it again.

Value: Priceless

Handouts & Homework

Handouts and homework assignments to help you remember and put into practice the lessons taught in the webinar. 

Value: $50

Total: $875


As an added bonus, you will receive 5 articles written by Leslie valued at $50. GRAND Total = $925.

Article Bundle

Title's Include:

  • "How to Let Go of Toxic Emotions"
  • "Do You Talk To Yourself?"
  • "Is Your Emotional Bank Account Overdrawn?"
  • "Four Lies About Anger"
  • "Recovering After Major Failure"



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Two skills Leslie taught me to identify and practice have been life changers. The first was the idea of "I should be better than I am". Seeing myself live out that script was eye-opening. It marked the beginning of learning to leave the pit of self-hatred and admit that I was a sinful human being with limitations and flaws just like every other human being. It was hard to come face to face with my pride but so freeing to come in humility to Jesus and know that he really does lift you up to a place where you can see who you are in him: accepted and loved no matter what. The second was the idea that emotions are emotions and do not define who I am. It has been so helpful to say, "I'm aware that I'm feeling _______." Using that line gives me a chance to breathe and think about what I really want to do before I do something I might regret afterward.  

Ginny W.

Leslie has helped me prioritize what is really important by guiding me in breaking down my thought processes step by step into manageable bites in order to recognize and change my negative thought processes.

Sylvia N.

Leslie helped me accurately diagnosis why I have been so often chronically unhappy, prescribes the effective long-term treatment for moving beyond my unhappiness, and forged a plan for “practicing happiness.”

Mark B.

I want you to experience results just like this and more! I hope you’ll join me and see what a difference God’s plan for happiness can do for your life!

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Leslie Vernick is well known as a wise and effective Christian counselor, popular speaker and bestselling author. She is also now offering personal and relationship coaching and webinars to help those who may not need counseling, but do want more clarity, courage, structure and accountability in moving forward with their life goals and relationship struggles.

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