What Attendees Are Saying

I felt loved, refreshed, empowered. Also, blessed to have been part of such a wonderful group of women. It was hard to choose workshops as they all looked good and we couldn’t choose many. I went to the trauma one which was excellent, the one on prayer, and I don’t remember the other. The large gatherings were excellent as well. The whole experience was well worth doing!! I don’t regret it one bit! The freedom and ability to connect in person with sisters who totally GET what abused women go through is undeniably one of the best experiences I have ever had the privilege of being part of. It’s one thing to meet up online (which is amazing enough), but it’s a whole new level to love on one another in person. I made friendships that will last a lifetime because of Conquer and the conference.

– Joyful Peace

I took the workshop on re-entering the workforce. It was AWESOME!! A fabulous resource for someone who gave up her professional pursuits when she got married … oops, wrong move but didn’t think it would be a permanent requirement.

For someone on the fence, I would say that it is more important than we think that we take time for ourselves. If you can only do it once a year, this is the opportunity to take advantage of. This is an invaluable time to find rest and rejuvenation and to let God work in your life.

– Dawn Eberly Wampler

💗😁😊What really struck me was the diversity of ethnicities and denominations and the openness of the attendees. There wasn’t a clique vibe (my term). I don’t take any of that for granted because not all Christian conferences or gatherings feel that way. And of course, I was very impressed by how accessible our beloved founder was.🤗

– Kindra Dzipleforlife

I left the Conquer conference hopeful with some new tools and ideas to help me stay in my marriage, [as] well. I took the workshop about image and wardrobe and I bought a DVD on scarves and gave it to my mom for Christmas last year and she loved it. I also took the workshop on processing anger and learned a lot. But the friendships and support and knowing that you are not alone are priceless.

– Christy Milnark Shoen

The Conquer Conference was all about having time to spend with other women just like me. I loved the special CONQUER breakfast time we had together on Saturday morning to meet other women from my own locale. The Conference was an investment in myself that was worth every penny.

– Carolyn McKnight Langdon

My time at the CONQUER Conference 2016 literally changed my life. One of Leslie’s quotes came alive while I was there, “You can live yourself into a new way of thinking FASTER than you can think yourself into a new way of living.” During the conference, God inspired me to pursue a total makeover that’s become the visible illustration of His transformational work to walk afresh in the light of Christ. Romans 12:2 spurs me on to the purpose for which He designed my life.

– Sandra L.

The best part of [the] CONQUER Conference was getting to meet, hug, laugh, cry, and pray with my CONQUER sisters. At this stage of my life, no one understands what I’m going through like my CONQUER sisters do. The kind of encouragement we are able to give each other strengthens us all so much. We made time to meet wherever we could — in restaurants, hotel lobbies, and in between sessions just to talk face-to-face. Some I had known well from the online support group, but I also connected with new friends at the conference and we still stay in touch. I’m looking forward to having this soul-filling experience again in October! The workshop on co-parenting was really helpful, too.

– Katie P.

The Conquer Conference was the highlight of my year. I was in the thick of a messy divorce, and I had just lost my church friends because of their belief that divorce is always wrong. I found some local women who were also going, and we flew from Minnesota to PA together, bonding in a special way during our trip as well as during the conference. Just being in that large auditorium with women who had experienced similar marital distress was like a healing balm. The messages in the main sessions and the workshops were practical and inspirational. Everything was dripping with love and compassion, and we all just ate it up like starvation victims. I’ve been looking forward to the next Conquer Conference for a long time, and I’m inviting everyone I know to take advantage of this opportunity to get some tender loving care and wisdom for their healing journey.

– Natalie H.

It was definitely worth the time and expense to go to the Conquer Conference. Being a part of the worship and hearing the speakers was invaluable in the next steps of my journey. The speakers were so powerful. The most fun things about the conference besides meeting Leslie were meeting other Conquer members and being a part of the prayer team where we prayed over the speakers and through the names of those attending the conference. I went to a workshop by a financial person that was extremely helpful with information that I needed for my next step. I also went to Georgia Shaffer’s seminar. Her book, Gift of Mourning Glories, had been pivotal years before [in] teaching me that I needed to grieve all of my losses. I was excited about going to the conference but came away with much more than I had imagined in many areas. And I am still reaping blessings from the conference a few years later.

– Lanie E.

Attending conferences often give[s] you an immediate boost of energy and good feelings. But even a year later I noticed I was referring to the copious notes I took in the Conquer Conference hand-outs to connect with that joyful and life-sustaining experience again and again. Even though I was sitting among 500+ women it felt like a small bible study because we were there for the same reasons: to deepen our personal relationship with God and learn about OUR WORTH through His eyes. The event was very well run. All the speakers had unique and relevant messages, and the worship was uplifting and, at times, very moving. Even though I traveled 3,000 miles to attend, I can’t even recall the expense it was so valuable. The love and support that weekend was real. You can count that the next Conquer Conference is on my calendar. Oh, and I’m not keeping this to myself, I’m bringing some girlfriends!

– Annette G.

As an attendee of the first Conquer Conference: Becoming the Best Possible You Inside and Out, I thoroughly enjoyed and embraced this invaluable experience from beginning to end. The attention to detail and hospitality given put me immediately at ease. The speakers and breakout sessions were geared to real life circumstances, and I came away with a renewed sense of confidence drawn from God’s view of me, and strength from faithful, like-minded women coming together in a solidarity of sisterhood that each one of us needs. I carry that strength with me still today as I fondly look back at our time together. I would highly recommend the Conquer Conference to any woman needing encouragement, strength, and inspiration to run strong and well, the race God has marked out for her.

– Mary D.

The vibrant connections made among the attendees at the CONQUER Conference was astounding. I was most impressed by what a neat group of women gathered from all across the country. Real friendships were formed and established ones grew deeper.

– Georgia Shaffer

I was amazed at how much I picked up and RETAINED at the general sessions for the conference. Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon alone were well worth the price of admission. I’ve been to other conferences similar to this, but the information and principles that were packed into these presentations I am still using 18 months later!

– Jill Swanson