Tasha M Scott

Tasha M. Scott is a Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Certified Life Coach. She is the author of two books: Don’t Limit Me and Maximize Your Existence; and she is a member of the John Maxwell Team and a Book Yourself Solid™ certified coach. Tasha M. Scott is the owner of two thriving businesses, Scott Realtime Reporting, LLC and Maximized Growth, LLC. Yet it is through her speaking, coaching, and writing, that she helps others transform their lives and businesses and find the clarity they need to live a more prosperous and purpose-driven life.

Workshop: Maximize your existence: become the woman you were designed to be.

Would you like to fully realize every ounce of potential within you? Go all the way and live the life you were meant to live without apology or shame. Tasha M Scott exhorts you to uncover your true identity and get crystal clear on your life’s vision and mission so you can take purposeful action. Remember someone needs you – the real you! If you’re ready to live a “no holds barred” life of purpose and significance, you can have a huge impact on the world. It’s time to Maximize Your Existence!

Sheri Keffer

Dr. Sheri Keffer is a co-host of New Life Live! nationally syndicated radio audience of more that two million people each week on 150 stations nationwide. Her engaging warmth and ability to immediately connect, helps to put callers at ease. For nearly 20 years she’s been in private practice as a marriage and family therapist in Newport Beach, California, and is also a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist (CCPS), Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and a trauma specialist in EMDR.

She is a passionate advocate for women who’ve experienced betrayal through BraveOne.com and is the author of the new book, Intimate Deception: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Betrayal. Dr. Sheri holds a doctorate in marriage and family therapy and master’s degree in theology, both from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Dr. Sheri enjoys the beach, reading, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and big game fishing. She and her husband, Kyle, reside in Orange County, California.

Workshop #1: Intimate Deception: Healing Your Wounds After Sexual Betrayal

Over the years of my own recovery, I’ve learned the importance of facing my fears about sexual deception and taking bold steps with hopes of turning things around. I personally experienced the pain caused by pornography, phone sex, illicit relationships, affairs, and prostitutes. It all hurts, and I’m deeply sorry for how these sexual betrayals have impacted you. Come join me as we unpack where you are at today and look at some practical tools to help you dig out. I’m here to tell you that you can rediscover who you are in light of what has happened to you. Together we’ll explore truths that can bring you healing and hope.

  1. Explore how sexual betrayal produces genuine trauma.
  2. Learn how to dig out from underneath the Dirty Dozen and the importance of providing strategies aimed at reversing the impact of betrayal.
  3. Discover how to use an “intentional ask” in setting boundaries.
  4. Understand what to do to help your brain, body, mind, and spirit recover after betrayal.
  5. Learn how to get rid of trauma-induced shame beliefs, “nagging neggies” by using the 180 turn around and EMDR to bring you back into truth.

Workshop #2: Be Empowered: How to Use Your Voice and Choices in Growing Strong

Every one of us has had to wrestle with crazy making power struggles in relationships from one time to another. Many of us wrestle with shame beliefs that play havoc in our lives, especially when we’re distressed. Much like getting stuck on spinning merry-go-round, we feel helpless and don’t know how to get off. In this workshop we’ll uncover four shame-induced roles that cause us to react: victim, rescuer, offender, and entitlement. We’ll also learn by using The Empowerment Wheel, how to find our path into life-giving responses: responsibility, collaboration, options, and humility. The solution comes in changing the way we deal with conflict by learning how to responsibly move through it. As we learn how to move into these responsive stances we find freedom, feel less stuck and become more empowered about what we can do.

  • While we have no way of controlling others, we’ll learn what we can do.
  • We’ll explore what we need to do in order to get out of the victim position.
  • We’ll learn what paths help us get out of reactivity.
  • We’ll discover how our voice choices help to provide a way out.

Natalie Hoffman

Natalie Hoffman is a writer and life coach for women of faith in destructive relationships. She blogs at flyingfreenow.com and offers educational courses and group mentoring for women getting out of destructive relationships. Her upcoming book, Is It Me? Making Sense of Your Confusing Marriage will be released in November of 2018.

Workshop: How to Detach and Detox Using Seven Emotional Intelligence Skills

Emotional intelligence is a set of skills that impact how we view ourselves, how we relate to others, how we deal with problems, and how we manage our emotions. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use the emotional intelligence skills of problem-solving, self-regard, independence, reality testing, interpersonal relationships, self-actualization, and assertiveness in order to detach from destructive relationships and detox from false core beliefs. Participants will also have a list of journal questions to take home with them in order to begin applying their new skills to their own personal set of circumstances. Find freedom and fulfillment in being the adult woman God created you to be!

Megan Cox

Megan Cox is the founder and president of Give Her Wings, Inc., a non-profit that provides financial and emotional assistance to single mothers who have left abusive relationships. She has a Masters of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and is certified in Crisis Response with the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Workshop: Emboldened to Leave How to Safely Plan Leaving a Destructive Marriage

Leaving a destructive marriage can be terrifying. I will never forget the fear and aloneness I felt when I packed up my children and left a destructive marriage. I wish that I had had some guidance in knowing how to leave well, but I felt like an outcast and had many barriers to overcome as I faced an unknown future as a single mother. I was surrounded by opposition. Since then, I have learned how important safety planning is, as I have helped countless women through our non profit, Give Her Wings, make an escape. Two of the many facets of safety planning involve the practical side (what steps should I take to ensure my children’s and/or my own protection?) and the spiritual side (am I leaving well? What might I face once I am away from the crisis zone?) In Megan Cox’s workshop, attendees will learn:

  • The SAFE plan (Security, Assured, Fast, Educated)
  • How to leave well emotionally and spiritually
  • What a woman may be facing as she steps out on her own

Elise Berryhill

Elise Berryhill is a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in Atlanta, Georgia. She is passionate about working with individuals, especially women, and couples in all stages of relationships. When Elise is not working, she enjoys playing tennis and getting to see her grandchildren as often as possible.

Workshop: Boundaries made Simple

Boundaries…. what are they? Why do I need to set boundaries? How and when do I use them? If you’ve tried to set healthy boundaries, but it feels awkward, complicated or confusing this workshop is for you.

Participants in this interactive workshop will learn:

  • Know the simple guidelines of healthy Boundaries
  • Understand why setting healthy Boundaries is important to our being our best self
  • Have a clear understanding of how and when to set Boundaries
  • Reduce the awkwardness and confusions of setting Boundaries

Jill Swanson

Author and Christian Image Consultant, Jill Swanson is a make-OVER artist. She coaches women to develop and update their look to coincide with who they are inside and out. She has an office in Rochester Minnesota and has been in the image business for 25+ years. Jill specializes in the powerful language behind clothing and color, and is the author of “Out the Door in 15 Minutes,” “Simply Beautiful – Inside and Out,” and the recently released “Simply Stylish – Look Great Spend Less”.


Go from feeling frumpy to looking fabulous! This fun, informative, and inspiring session will help you make the most of what you’ve got effortlessly, everyday – inside and out. Discover 7 secrets to looking incredible on a daily basis with your wardrobe, makeup, and morning routine. Transform self-consciousness into self-confidence, today!

Georgia Shaffer

Georgia Shaffer is a Pennsylvania licensed psychologist, a Professional Certified Coach and author of A Gift of Mourning Glories, Taking Out Your Emotional Trash and Avoiding the 12 Relationships Mistakes Women Make. Georgia received AACC’s award for Excellence in Christian Caregiving. For more information on ReBUILD coaching groups, visit www.GeorgiaShaffer.com

Workshop #1: When Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Thought Rebuilding After Loss & Unwanted Change

Rebuilding is a skill all of us need, but few of us have been taught. Whether you are divorced, separated or broken-hearted, learn the effective strategies needed to begin anew. If your life as you knew it is gone, realize you can do more than “go” through these painful seasons. You can “grow” through them and enjoy lasting benefits as you move from feelings of despair and helplessness to those of hope and joy.

  • Identify the five key stages for reconstructing your life.
  • Avoid the three most common mistakes made during this time of transition.
  • Understand how to grieve and heal from past hurts.
  • Reduce your vulnerability to hopelessness and gain forward momentum.

Workshop #2: Taking Out Your Emotional Trash

Have you ever been so upset that you said or did something you regretted? All of us carry deep hurts, fears, frustrations, or unrealistic expectations that can pile up and eventually blow up. Georgia identifies practical strategies for “taking out the trash” before any pent-up emotions damage your health or your relationships. You’ll be empowered to:

  • Minimize the time you spend acting out your feelings.
  • Lighten the burdens that come from destructive guilt, anger, and shame.
  • Improve your ability to connect with others without the weight of emotional baggage.
  • Boost your physical reserves and experience more peace and joy.

Annette Giacomazzi

Ms. Giacomazzi, wife, mother, author and founder of CastCoverz!, has an engaging style that leaves you encouraged and motivated to build a blockbuster business while creating a supportive space so that, if possible, both the relationship and business can survive and ultimately thrive.

Workshop: Till Business Do Us Part, How to Thrive in your Business While Surviving an Unsupportive Husband

Do you have a business or thought about starting one, but fear your husband isn’t or won’t be supportive? Have you wondered why your business is sputtering along, but your vision is great? This is the workshop for you!

  • Discover the 7 Parallels of Marriage and Business and apply biblical principles to maximize your success
  • Learn how to create the culture in your business you crave at home
  • Take away tools and techniques and apply specific communication techniques you need to succeed against lack of support while building a business

Sandra Allen Lovelace

Sandra Allen Lovelace has been serving women and their families for nearly forty years. She’s an award-winning speaker who exudes authenticity and compassion forged in a chaotic childhood topped off with thirty years in church culture up close and too personal as a pastor’s wife. Sandra’s a home-school pioneer known for her engaging style, as well as the portrayals of biblical women that intrigue and delight her audiences. Featured on television and radio in the US and internationally, Sandra’s makeover appears in an interview on Fox TV.

Workshop: Time to Be YOU: Without Feeling Selfish or Sinful.

Do you sometimes stop and wonder who you are? No surprise. Days filled with taking care of everyone around us cause their needs to engulf a woman’s world. Our constant outward focus causes us to lose track of God’s design and purpose. Sandra shares His call and process to move our own names to the top of our lists and revel in His freedom and abundance.

Liz Evans

Liz Evans, LMT, has been working as a massage therapist and fitness trainer for almost 20 years. Her trauma-informed approach comes from her own life experiences as well as a connection with thousands of clients. She is a mom of six kids and hails from the North Fork Valley of Colorado. www.handsonbodyworks.com

Workshop: Use Your Body to Release Your Mind

So many of us live in our heads, playing the same records of self-doubt; filled with the jarring notes of stress and anxiety. We are cut off from our bodies and stuck in fight or flight, frozen in chronic tension. Often we are not even aware of this insidious soundtrack of our lives, but our bodies are taking these messages in very deeply. Learn strategies to become aware of these stress patterns and how to listen to your body and discover what it can tell you about your emotional health. Learn trauma-informed strategies for communicating with and calming the central nervous system with breath work, restorative movement, and deep body awareness.

Be transformed in your mind and spirit by the renewing of how you breathe, move and intuitively begin to sense your own body’s communication.

Learn practical, hands-on tools to release stress and trauma from the body – freeing the mind to heal deeply.

Suzanne Rajchel

Suzanne Rajchel has taught Biblical topics and inductive study to groups since the 1990’s. She deeply loves the Word of God. Divorced from a destructive partner in 2017, she’s sought God’s views on forgiveness. Suzanne has 2 children, home-schooled them, had a technical and business career, and holds Engineering and MBA degrees.

Workshop: Forgiving the Unforgivable

In this workshop, we’ll explore what true Biblical forgiveness means, and how to forgive someone who isn’t repentant, may never be so, and/or continues their hurtful behavior. What makes it hard? What makes it easier? You’ll also learn about God’s role, your role and an offender’s role in forgiveness, the difference between forgiveness / reconciliation, the role of boundaries and letting go, and how to deal with someone who accuses you of being unforgiving.

Kim Affleck

Married 35 years, mother of 5 wonderful sons, started the Home School Support group in Amarillo, TX, 12 incredible grandchildren. Remarried and now living in Canada as a financial coach, with clients both in Canada and US. Also in a mastermind group for Financial Coaches called Coach Connections.

Workshop: How to leave – A Financial Perspective

During this workshop, we will cover how to have a safety plan, how to have a support system and how to gain skills for financial strength as you move forward. You will discover how to:

  1. How to work a spending plan.
  2. How to set up banking accounts.
  3. How to minimize risk and have protection by managing debt.
  4. Realize the need for bringing in revenue.

Patty Nun

Patty Nun graduated with highest distinction from Grace University earning a Master of Arts in both Psychology and Biblical Studies. She has been a Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Lincoln, has authored a biblical pastoral counselor training program entitled, The Paraclete.

Her workshop, Living in the Yellow, will focus on being aware of your surroundings and will go through a checklist to improve your ability to minimize or avoid threats to yourself and your family.

Workshop: LIVING IN THE YELLOW: Situational Awareness Training Workshop

By attending this workshop you will learn:

  • The Cooper Color Code of Self Defense Awareness,
  • Why your mindset, posture and attitude is your first line of defense,
  • How “Living in the Yellow” protects you from the majority of dangers you might encounter.

You will become familiar with three specific tools that can protect you and your family…
understanding the importance of

  • a tactical flashlight,
  • RFID and
  • knowing where the exits are.

Leslie Vernick

Leslie Vernick is a popular speaker, author, and relationship coach. She is the author of seven books, including the best selling, The Emotionally Destructive Relationship and The Emotionally Destructive Marriage.

Leslie has been a featured guest on Focus on the Family Radio, Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey, New Life Radio and Television with Steve Arterburn, and Moody Mid-Day Connection.

She has spoken nationally and internally in Cuba, Romania, Russia, the Philippines, Hungary, and Iraq.

In 2013, she received the American Association of Christian Counselors Caregiver Award.

Leslie’s heart is to equip and empower people to grow strong and be brave so that they can become all God calls them to become. In 2015 she founded CONQUER, an online international educational and support group for women who are or have been in destructive marriages.

She’s been married to Howard for over 42 years and together they have two grown children and three amazing granddaughters. For more information, visit her web site at LeslieVernick.com or LeslieVernick.com/Counselors

Workshop: Do People Misuse The Bible To Keep you afraid, controlled and confused in a destructive relationship and what you can do to get clear, confident and courageous

One in four Christian women report being in a destructive marriage. If not you, it is someone you know and love.

This workshop will expose four traditional Biblical teachings that keep women confused, afraid and trapped in a destructive relationship. And, more importantly, you’ll learn what God really says about these things.

  1. God hates all divorce
  2. Suffering and sacrifice are Biblical virtues therefore it glorifies God for you to suffer and sacrifice even if you are being abused.
  3. God calls you to unconditional love and that means for better or worse.
  4. God calls you to forgive and forget and keep no record of wrongs. Therefore if he says he’s sorry you must forgive and reconcile. To refuse means you are ungodly and hard-hearted.