What Is This Conference About?

Have you ever been knocked down or felt overwhelmed with life? Betrayed, abused or thrown away by someone you thought loved you?

Or just felt too small or too scared to
boldly and freely live your life?

YOU are not alone. And,… you can’t grow into the strong godly woman God made you to be alone. God hardwired you to thrive with connection and grow in community.

At CONQUER 2018 you WILL hear stories from other women who became brave and strong through the most difficult situations. You will gain tools and be given specific strategies to move past your fears and become your best self.

If you’re ready to stop living scared and to start living brave and growing strong, then come gather with other like-minded women October 12-13 for the 2018 CONQUER conference.

Where is the Conference Located?

Nestled in beautiful Lincoln, NE, our Friday night and Saturday all day conference is jam packed to help you Grow Strong and Be Brave. The conference will be held at:

Lincoln Berean Church
6400 S. 70th St.
Lincoln, NE 68516

Age limit: 16 years or older are welcome to attend.

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What topics will the conference cover?

Each keynote talk and workshop is geared to equip you to grow and become the best possible you, the woman God designed you to become.

Leslie Vernick

Keynote Speaker
Leslie Vernick
Leslie Vernick is a popular speaker, author, counselor and relationship coach.

She is the author of seven books, including the bestselling, The Emotionally Destructive Relationship and her most recent The Emotionally Destructive Marriage.

Leslie has been a featured guest on Focus on the Family Radio, Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey, New Life Radio and Television with Steve Arterburn, and Moody Mid-Day Connection. Leslie has spoken nationally and internally in Cuba, Romania, Russia, the Philippines, Hungary, and Iraq.

In 2013, she received the American Association of Christian Counselors Caregiver Award.

Leslie’s heart is to equip and empower women to grow strong and be brave so that they can become all God calls them to become.

She’s been married to Howard for over 40 years and together they have two grown children and three grandchildren.

For more information, visit her web site at LeslieVernick.com and LeslieVernick.com/Counselors

Sheri Keffer

Keynote Speaker
Sheri Keffer
Dr. Sheri Keffer is a co-host of New Life Live! television and nationally syndicated radio audience of more that two million people each week on 150 stations nationwide. Her engaging warmth and ability to immediately connect, helps to put callers at ease. For nearly 20 years she’s been in private practice as a marriage and family therapist in Newport Beach, California, and is also a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist (CCPS), Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and a trauma specialist in EMDR.

She is a passionate advocate for women who’ve experienced betrayal through BraveOne.com and is the author of the new book, Intimate Deception: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Betrayal. Dr. Sheri holds a doctorate in marriage and family therapy and master’s degree in theology, both from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Dr. Sheri enjoys the beach, reading, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and big game fishing. She and her husband, Kyle, reside in Orange County, California.

Nichole Nordeman

In Concert Saturday Morning
Nichole Nordeman
Nichole Nordeman is a top Christian artist with four No.1 and seven Top 5 singles under her belt — along with nine Dove Awards including being named Female Vocalist of the Year twice.

Nichole stepped out of the limelight to work on saving her marriage and raising her babies. Her marriage didn’t last, but she says she’s still grateful she made that decision because she wouldn’t have forgiven herself if she didn’t give it her full attention. She also didn’t have to miss a minute of her children’s all-important early development, and was still able to feed her creative urges by writing for other artists.

Her post-divorce journey has taken her from a place of isolation and loss to acceptance and strength. She writes, “As hard as it was to start over, a lot of beauty came from those ashes.”

The title of Nichole’s new album, Every Mile Mattered, hints at its overall theme: reflections on her past and how far she’s traveled, despite traipsing over some very rocky roads. In the same-named song, she sings unapologetically. “It’s history, you can’t rewrite it/You’re not meant to be trapped inside it/Every tear brought you here, every sorrow gathered/Every mile mattered.”

But another song, “Sound of Surviving,” bears an equally appropriate title. In that one, she proclaims, “This is my farewell to fear/This is my whole heart deciding/I’m still here/And I’m not done fighting/This is the sound of surviving.”

Both phrases suggest the struggle for reaffirmation and renewal — and the triumph of empowerment — that lies at the heart of this new release, Nordeman’s first full album following a 10-year hiatus during which she personally walked every one of those miles.

Nichole’s learned, “You can’t outrun God’s love; you can’t escape God’s presence. He’s with us wherever we are.”

Topics for Breakout Sessions

What are boundaries and how to have good ones?

Detach and detox from unhealthy people.

Maximize your existence: become the woman you were designed to be.

Till business do us part: how to thrive in your business and survive your unsupportive husband.

Listen to your body: what does it tell you about your emotional and relational health.

How to look great and spend less.

Forgiving the unforgivable: how and why.

Repairing broken trust: the roadmap.

Healing wounds after sexual betrayal.

Be empowered: how to use your voice and choices in growing strong.

Event Cost

$47 until May 1st (Early Bird)

$57 from May 2nd – August 1st

$67 from August 2nd – September 30th

$97 from October 1st – conference date/At The Door (Late Registration)

Healthy and yummy snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the conference.

Lunch will be on your own but there are restaurants and fast food places within walking distance from the church.

Age limit: 16 years or older are welcomed to attend.

For a local guide nearby restaurants click here to visit our Local Restaurants page.

Registration Information

Handicap Seating is available. Please ensure that when you register, you notify our customer service of this need.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds. If you become unable to attend, you may gift or transfer your registration to someone else.

Age limit: 16 years or older are welcomed to attend.


Friday: Doors Open @ 6:30 PM
Worship and TBD speaking @ 7 pm – 8:30 PM
Welcome Party after @ 8:30 – 9:30 PM
Saturday: Doors Open @ 8:30 AM
Worship and TBD speaking @ 9-10:30 AM
Breakout sessions # 1 @ 10:45 – 11:45 AM

(8 different breakout sessions will be offered on a variety of topics – you will choose one)

Lunch @ 12 pm – 1 PM (On Your Own)
Breakout sessions #2 @ 1:15 – 2:15 PM

(8 different breakout sessions will be offered on a variety of topics – you will choose one)

Worship and Leslie Vernick speaking @ 2:30 – 4 PM
Farewell @ 4 PM